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My LOTS obsession

Posted on: May 5, 2011

Last night i was doing what i often do, which is shuffle through internet pages, remember about this and that, go from one thing to another and totally waste my time most of the times. So at a point i thought about googling the biggest obsession i ever had about a TV show: a movie series called “Legend of the Seeker”. It was cancelled like a year ago (i think my heart stopped for a  few seconds when i first found out lol) but i still google it once every couple of weeks to stay updated on it, see if it’s ever coming back, and let out some big sighs every time i watch a video or two from it.
So i decided to write about it when i was reading the forum that some very devoted fans made in order to try and bring the show back for Season 3 and more 🙂  I was going through the advices they give here to fans who want to support their favorite show. One of them was: “Please mention the show to everyone you know. Go to your friends, your family, the neighbor you like, the neighbor you never talk to, people in malls and that weird guy who always sits alone at lunch.” So i already started to plan how to tell everyone, and then everyone i know will tell everyone they know and we will slowly conquer the world mwahahaha. But first things first: gonna blog about it!
So i guess i should tell you a thing or two about it 🙂  Legend of the Seeker was made after a series of dark fantasy novels written by Terry Goodking, named “Sword of Truth” (so not your average fairytale). I actually started to read the novels after seeing the show, because waiting a week for every episode was just too much and i had to know more about what happens with Richard and Kahlan. Even if the show is different than the books, that doesn’t mean it’s not great…well actually breathtaking. The characters are the same and some like Kahlan and Denna really blew my mind off with how good they are comparing to the characters in the book.
But let’s go back a bit. Don’t know who Richard and Kahlan are? Meet them in the video below 😛

Yes, that is the LOTS trailer. First video i ever saw related to the show. To find out that it’s actually how the first episode starts. And i think that’s very relevant for it. You only need to start watching one or two episodes to be absolutely captured by it, completely hypnotized while watching an episode and left craving for more when that episode ends.
I would start a long monologue about every single character, but i think that if you’re not into it and reading something about LOTS for the first time it’s just gonna look like some geek  stressing out other people with her obsessions that no one really cares about anyway 😀 So i’m just gonna give you the short version of how obsessed i really was with this show.
When i was not watching it or reading about it…well that was only when i had to walk from one place to another because as soon as i reached my destination and had some spare time i pulled the book out of my bag and started reading Sword of Truth. So when i was walking on the street or was in a bus i was thinking about both the book’s and the show’s storyline and thinking what if at that very moment i was one of the characters.
What if i was the Mother Confessor while walking down the street in that long white dress?

Or what if i was a Mord Sith? Well then you know the whole street would be empty when i’m walking by!

Or what if i had Zedd’s powers?

Well i hope the videos say it all! Even if they’re mostly action, every character is well defined and has unique intriguing features. And i love the show not only because it’s amazing but it helped me get through a rough time in my life. I started watching this and reading the book and it got me so absorbed that everything was so much better 🙂 So what are you waiting for? Get the show and start watching it! And if it’s not your kind of movie series, recommend it to any friend who is into fantasy, they will love you (even more) for it.
And this goes to all the LOTS fans: “There is magic in patience, you know.” -Zedd


3 Responses to "My LOTS obsession"

Well besides the fact that you have to write a book someday…:D the show… that you’ve told me about since we’ve meet, well I don’t know what to say :)) i think i still like Monty Pythons better 😀

If you watch Legend of the Seeker i’m gonna watch Monty Pythons too…and don’t go all “OMG you didn’t watch Monty Pythons” on me because omg you didn’t watch LOTS 😛
Mwahz tzumpi, i’ll still love you even if you don’t watch LOTS >:D<

I was about to ask you what is LOTS:)) I’ve figured it out few nanoseconds later :)))

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